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Google Translate

iPhone, Android: Google Translate for Android got a new version – and finally made it as a native App to the iPhone, as well. The user can type in a word or sentence as well as speaking to the device and getting shown the translation. But in addition, this latest version also can read the translated text (for 15 languages). So, think of this szenario: you are sitting in a restaurant in spain and want to order a steak. Might be quite difficult, when you are not speaking spanish and the waiter does speak english as well. But with Google Translate you are just talking to your phone, the phone translates and can read the spanish sentence to the waiter. Already quite close to the Babelfish…



Google Translate 1/4

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  1. Google translate is great. It makes a lot of fun just to talk “trash phrases” into the iPhone and translate it into Chinese or some thing else.

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