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Jamboxx: Turns your iPad into a Boombox

Jamboxx is another app you actually do not need, but that gets you a lot of fun and in this case brings back the good old 80’s with its monster-boomboxes. The app looks like a one of these (though in my opinion it could be a little more „monster“) and lets you play your itunes playlists or create new ones (=Mixtapes. You are really naming a tape. Great feeling!). So in fact it is nothing more than your iPod app, but it has so much more style!

I am missing just a few things: the characteristic „klack“ when you open or close the tapedeck, or a „real“ fast-forward / rewind button (Jamboxx is only jumping to the next title or offering the fast-forward by keeping the button pressed as known from the iPod). So, some more of these „analog features“ we all know from our tapedecks and Boomboxes…

Nevertheless a great idea. Jamboxx is available for free, so if you want to get back the feeling of carrying around a boombox on your shoulder, give it a try.


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