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UPDATED – Popular Mechanics iPad

At first glance it looks a little bit like Wired, but in fact it is much better:

+ nice page view navigation, with standard small pages and new coloured bars (sections are colour-coded)
+ animated buttons
+ nice page flip effects (certain elements slide in with a little delay – known from the popular science app)
+ animated and interactive special elements

– fontsize cannot be changed
– no landscape view (except for a few special elements)
– a littel inconsistency: a few pages can be scrolled vertically (article is continued below), while there is no vertical scrolling on all other pages (article is continued on next page)

Though there are a few drawbacks, this app is really cool stuff and fun to use. In comparison to Wired it is definately one step ahead.

UPDATE: some Users reported that the app crashes quite often. We had only a very few crashed during the review. How about you?




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