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WIRED Magazine – iPad

Die Wired Magazine has launched its long awaited tablet version (527MB – because of embedded videos, audiofiles, etc.). And it is looking great!

Some of the Feature-Highlights:

– beautiful and well functioning „Helicopter-View“
– Nice Page-Navigation
– Interactive embedded elements (galleries, audio files, zoomable images, etc.)
– lightweight, but great embedded audioplayer (check out, how they embedded the „progress-bar“!)

All pages are available in portrait and landscape view (seems like, two layouts exist for every single page).
There is only one small downer: the text is not zoomable. Only small issue for me personally, since I think this is necessary to keep the layout in place. But this might be a bigger issue for people with a visual impairment.

In my personal opinion this app is a great approach to bring a magazine to a tablet computer. It keeps the „layout-feeling“ of the printed magazine, coming with a well functioning navigation concept and is going beyond the printed issue by adding, interactive and embedded elements, videos, etc.


itunes (3,99€)

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